EP008: Hop a flight on the high-altitude hair-raiser, Rod Serling’s THE DOOMSDAY FLIGHT (1966).

It’s a¬†film Rod Serling regretted writing: the criminally unknown TV Movie from 1966, The Doomsday Flight, starring Jack Lord and Edmond O’Brien.

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  1. I remember my Dad recording this off of TBS back when cable was only 12 channels. I saw it as a kid around the same time I was first exposed to the original Airport, as well as the three sequels to follow (probably also on TBS). As a result, in my head, I’d often get Airport and The Doomsday Flight confused in one way or another. But I always remembered TDF it was about altitude. Such great stuff. Always a fan of aviation films (my Dad worked in Air Traffic Control), I’m also a fan of less endearing (and enduring) TV movie fare as SST: Death Flight (1977) and Starflight (1983, Lee Majors). As always, you need to balance the good with the bad, I suppose? Great work on the Podcast, looking forward to more!

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