EP035: Hart to Hart: NIGHT HORRORS (1980)

They’re the most glamorous amateur sleuths going. We gather with the Harts in an old, dark house in search of hidden treasure….and murder. Hart to Hart was an extremely entertaining murder mystery show that ran for five seasons, beginning in 1979, starring Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers.

EP034: The Monster of Walnut Grove (1976)

Hitch your wagon to episode 34 for a journey back to this nightmare on the prairie. This is one hardcore episode of Little House you won’t want to miss this Halloween.

EP006: Remembering MARY TYLER MOORE / Boris Karloff’s THRILLER

We pause to remember Mary Tyler Moore, who passed away this week, and celebrate her work in the superb crime/horror series, Boris Karloff’s THRILLER.

EP001: A Bionic Christmas Carol

It’s just what you wanted…a TV TERROR Christmas. Given the date, I thought we’d skip the obligatory intro show (which can come in episode 2) and jump right into this special offering, The Six Million Dollar Man episode,¬†A Bionic Christmas Carol, aired 12 December 1976, in which our high-tech hero goes up against the Scrooges of the world. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, please tell an elf or two and review it on iTunes.

Well, hello, friends, it’s the TV TERROR PODCAST…

Announcing the TV TERROR podcast. What began as a segment on the¬†United Nations of Horror podcast (a community show if there ever was one) is coming into its own. I’ll be repurposing those segments here as standalone shows in addition to all new episodes while I figure out the form and shape this new enterprise will take. I’m open to possibility, so, stay tuned, friends!

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