EP025: We kick off Season Two with STEPHEN KING’s IT (1990).

As we anticipate the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, I thought I’d float a show about the 1990 mini-series (we all float down here). This one does many things well and scores high on the creep factor scale. Of course, we’re all dying to see how the new Pennywise stacks up against Tim Curry’s clown.

EP010: Frank Darabont’s Buried Alive (1990)

Before The Shawshank Redemption and The Mist, Frank Darabont directed a little film called Buried Alive (1990), starring Tim Matheson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, William Atherton, and Hoyt Axton, the story of a man who thought he had everything….until he woke up in a coffin.

Listen to the podcast:

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